Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Discipline In Scools.
I believe that our school authorities are very week in controling and discipling kids in schools, especially my school is very poor. Im not saying its like that everywhere, in every schoools accross the country but i think its very common in a lot of schools in America. It really weighs on my heart and saddens me because this situation is really hindering and interfering in the bright future of students with bad discipline in their schools. During this week, i had scheduled with my guidance councelor to work on my college applications, but right before that, after sixth period, a fight broke between two students, i decided to pass through the commotion whithin which the principle was stambling between the screaming spectators trying to get them to stop and go to class, i got to my guidance councelors ofice with one of the students who were fighting in there. I saw they were trying to console the student who was fighting??!!, and instead of helping me with my college application she was rather trying to console a student who had started a commotion in the school. Instead of sending her to the principles office or sending her to detention or something. I was very upset and paranoid because i couldnt believe i was told to pospone my college application just because a couple of students were misbehaving.

I think the board of education should have some kind of discipline system introduced to public schools around the country because i feel like the authorities im my school, give too much toleration to students who misbehave and start fights in school. A second fight broke out today in the same week as the one i just mentioned. Instead of punishing the students who faught and making sure that everyone went back to their classes normally, he decided to keep everyone in their classes for over two hours causing the rest of the classes we all had to go to waste away. This is a clear example of how bad discipline in my school is affecting my studies and my progression in school. We stayed in our sixth periods for over two hours which meant that our 7th period was wasted away, i didnt understand why we had to pay such an unreasonable action, just because a couple of students had a fight and was causing chaos. The whole thing just buffles my mind

This situation should be addressed immediately and properly because if not the future of students are being put in jeopardy. Even the bible says that spare the rod and spoil the child. The reason why there is frequent breakage of fights in my school is because the school authorities dont really give the students at fault a good lesson or punishment for them not to repeat what they did again. Im not saying they should come to school with canes to whip students who misbehave in school, but they should have a strong way of punishing students who create commosion in schools. Because it is interfering with our studies!. School is for learning not a boxing ring!